Alexandra Drane, Parent of Rider

‘Back Bay continues to be one of the single most important experiences in our daughter’s life.  The extraordinary coaching, the discipline across the program in creating independent, hard-working, kind and respectful athletes, and the camaraderie among the riders has created a level of self-confidence that was unprecedented.    While there is no pressure to show, for riders who do choose to compete, there is a strong focus on challenging young riders to take very seriously all aspects of the process – including respecting and honoring the team, the competition, the judges, the trainers, and the opportunity to just keep getting better and better – always while having fun (where appropriate 🙂 ).  We credit an increased interest in all sorts of things – including academics – to the authentic, caring, and demanding but supportive Back Bay community. In other words, this place is EXTRAORDINARY, and we are enormously grateful to be a part of the Back Bay family.’

Rose Wosepka, Rider

I came to Back Bay Farm about a year ago and I couldn’t be happier! Everyone is so welcoming and encouraging that I felt right at home. With Robin and Megan’s coaching I was able to move from timidly jumping cross rails to comfortably showing 3ft. This past year has been a blast and I can’t wait for the future. I’m so happy I chose to come to Back Bay.