Get out of the ring!

When you’re walking up to the ring for a lesson, you’ll often hear us tell you to “go walk around the barn!” That’s not just because the previous lesson hasn’t ended yet—it’s mainly because your horse has just come out of his stall and, despite being outside for a few hours that day, he deserves to take a walk and enjoy the fresh air before going straight into work.

Changing up the routine is essential for your horses’ happiness and well-being, and at Back Bay farm we have the luxury of both beach rides and country rides, almost year-round.

Robin recently posted a list of Beach and Country rides we’ll be going on this fall. Country rides can be up Sagamore Hill (right next to Back Bay Farm) or in Bradley Palmer Park, and are for both boarders and school riders. If you’re a school rider and interested in a ride, ask Robin about coming with us! One of the most beautiful ways of enjoying the fall colors is to take a ride in the woods—and the bugs are gone too!

Crane’s Beach is one of the hidden benefits of being in Ipswich, and rides on the beach are especially fun. You’ll never forget your first beach ride; some of our favorite memories are from beach rides with the BBF team. Beach rides are at different times based on the low tides, so please check the list and find a time that works for you. Again, school riders can also go on beach rides if your instructor gives approval.

Getting out of the ring is wonderful for expanding your riding and horsemanship skills (ever used a big tree stump as a mounting block, or cleaned salt water off your tack)? But the true benefit is for your horse; there is nothing better for your horse and his happiness than a country or beach ride. I’m sure even Dunkin has fantasies about being The Black Stallion when his hooves touch the sand. Who are we to keep him from his dreams?

Reach out with any questions—we’d be happy to discuss which ride would be best for you!

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