Welcome – Learn to Ride and Love Horses Here!

Whether you are just starting out, or have been competitively riding for years, Back Bay Farm has horseback riding lessons that are tailored to your needs.  BBF helps children and adults gain confidence and develop skill within a professional setting.

Back Bay Farm offers a private and comfortable environment with a proven program for riders.  The very best care and training for your horse is found here.  Back Bay Farm is a well respected barn on the Boston’s North Shore.  It doesn’t matter if you want to ride for pleasure or in the show ring, BBF is the place for your horseback riding lessons.

Back Bay Farm is hosting a MHC and NEHC Rated Horse show on October 5th.  This is the last date to qualify for the 2014 NEHC finals.  MHC medals and points are for 2015.  School rider’s should let Robin know if they would like to participate in the show.  Everyone is welcome!

BBF October Show Prize List

BBF October Entry Blank


New Partnership!

BBF is thrilled to announce their new relationship with Craft Sportswear!  Each article of clothing shown in the catalog, with the Back Bay Farm logo, was hand picked to suit your needs as a rider.  Great function and fashion in one, not to mention, great quality products!  There is a catalog and order form located in the front hallway of the barn or you can print one from the link below.  Please contact Megan Piermarini (Megan.Piermarini@windrushfarm.org) with any questions you have or leave your order form in the labeled envelope at the barn.  You will notice on the order form that BBF will receive a 30% discount on all apparel.

Craft Catalog for BBF

Craft Order Form

Thank you to Eric Shenker for making this possible!